Business Ethics Statement




Naspers is formalising its compliance and ethics management process. The group code of business ethics was revised during the year, and is available on

This code applies to all directors and employees in the group. Ensuring that group companies adopt appropriate processes and establish supporting policies and procedures is an ongoing process. Management focuses on policies and procedures that address key ethical risks, such as conflicts of interest, accepting inappropriate gifts and acceptable business conduct.

The human resources and remuneration committee is the overall custodian of business ethics. The disciplinary codes and procedures of the various companies are used to ensure compliance with policies and practices that underpin the overall code of business ethics. Unethical business behaviour by senior staff members is reported to this committee, along with the manner in which the company’s disciplinary code was applied.

Naspers is committed to conducting its business on the basis of complying with the law, with integrity and with proper regard for ethical business practices. It expects all directors and employees to comply with these principles and, in particular, to avoid conlicts of interest and to desist from insider trading, illegal anti-competitive activities and bribery and corruption.

Whistle-blowing facilities at most major subsidiaries enable employees to anonymously report unethical business conduct.