Internal Control Systems




The company has a system of internal controls, based on the group’s policies and guidelines, in all material subsidiaries and joint ventures under its control. For those entities in which Naspers does not have a controlling interest, the directors representing Naspers on these boards seek assurance that signiicant risks are managed and systems of internal control are effective. Internal auditors monitor the functioning of internal control systems and make recommendations to management and the audit and risk committees. The external auditor considers elements of the internal control systems as part of its audit and communicates deiciencies when identified.

All internal control systems have shortcomings, including the possibility of human error or flouting of control measures. Even the best system may provide only partial assurance. The group’s internal controls and systems are designed to provide reasonable, and not absolute, assurance on the integrity and reliability of the financial statements; to safeguard, verify and maintain accountability of its assets; and to detect fraud, potential liability, loss and material misstatement, while complying with regulations.

The board reviewed the effectiveness of controls for the year ending 31 March 2011, principally through a process of management self-assessment, including formal conirmation per representation letters by executive management. Consideration was given to input, including reports from internal audit and the external auditor, compliance and the risk management process. Where necessary, programmes for corrective actions have been initiated.

Nothing has come to the attention of the board, external or internal auditors to indicate any material breakdown in the functioning of internal controls and systems during the year under review except for:

  • weaknesses reported at Media24 with respect to the IT implementation of the ERP system during the year and the consequential inadequate and ineffective internal controls over the circulation process.