Investor Relations




Naspers’s investor relations policy can be found on It describes the principles and practices applied in interacting with shareholders and investors. Naspers is committed to providing timely and transparent information on corporate strategies and financial data to the investing public. In addition, we consider the growing demand for transparency and accountability on our non-financial (or sustainability) performance. In line with King III, Naspers recognises that this performance is based on its risk proile and strategy, which includes non-financial risks and opportunities.

The company manages communications with its key inancial audiences, including institutional shareholders and inancial (debt and equity) analysts, through a dedicated investor relations unit. Presentations and conference calls take place after publishing interim and final results.

A broad range of public communication channels (including stock exchange news services, corporate website, press agencies, newswires and news distribution service providers) are used to disseminate news releases. These channels are supplemented by direct communication via email, conference calls, group presentations and one-on-one meetings.

Our policy is not to provide forward-looking information. However, to enable the investment community to better assess the group and its performance, prospects, strategy and plans for operations may be discussed. While disclosing such information constitutes forward-looking statements, Naspers cautions investors and shareholders that these statements, although made on a fair and creditable basis, involve many assumptions and sources of risk and, therefore, actual results may differ materially from the projected scenario. Naspers also complies with legislation and stock exchange rules on forward-looking statements.