Health and Safety



  • We aim to have an injury-free workplace.
  • We perform health and safety risk assessments at our facilities, supported by training.
  • We monitor management’s actions through operational, internal and external auditing and reporting processes.
  • A healthy workforce contributes to business success. Several of our businesses provide medical aid and wellness programmes for their staff.


Implementing a healthy, safe workplace at both administrative and production facilities is a priority. Our aim is the lowest possible harm rate on duty. Where required, health and safety committees – comprising responsible, trained individuals – ensure regulatory compliance. Appropriate medical emergency and disaster-recovery plans have been devised for operating businesses.

Annual occupational health and safety risk-control audits or reviews are conducted by operational entities across the group and improvements implemented as required. Significant matters are reported to and monitored by the Naspers risk committee.

Media24’s distribution and printing operations make extensive use of contractors and organisers. Most of these are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds and receive training from Media24 on executing their jobs safely and effectively. The nature of the print business, which owns and manages distribution networks and printing facilities, makes it the area in the Naspers group with the greatest inherent risk for injuries on duty.


The Media24 safety, health and environment committee, a subcommittee of the board, monitors related issues in the Media24 group.

Media24 and MultiChoice conduct annual health, safety and environmental compliance audits as well as building scans. Injuries on duty are stringently monitored.

Tragically, a fire at Paarl Print in April 2009 caused 13 deaths and serious injuries to four people, the worst in the group’s history. We deeply regret this loss of life and injury and our thoughts are still with those families. Group companies assisted the families financially, paying out almost R7m. A formal inquiry into the Paarl Print fire, in terms of Section 32 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, was completed in June 2010. A report has been prepared in terms of this act, and based on information received from the Department of Labour it is anticipated that this report will be made available in the foreseeable future. Further information indicates that the report has been referred to the National Prosecuting Authority for further action. Once the report has been made available, it is possible that third parties may pursue civil claims against the company. Paarl Print’s exposure in this regard, after insurance reimbursement, is not expected to be material. We also assisted the families to submit claims under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993.


Several wellness programmes are operated by group subsidiaries in a preventative approach to employee health. These range from programmes to stop smoking to HIV/Aids tests. Regular medical,
eye and hearing tests are performed on drivers and staff exposed to noise. Professional and independent psychosocial support is provided for staff in businesses.

MultiChoice offers a range of wellness and balanced lifestyle services to all employees on site, plus a Montessori nursery school for its Randburg employees.

Media24 has a wellness centre at its Cape Town offices and certain printing facilities. Health services include hypertension and diabetes testing, free HIV/Aids counselling and testing, and a number of risk-control programmes.

Ongoing wellness support is provided by mobile clinics throughout the company.


We are acutely aware of the HIV/Aids pandemic in Africa, and its social and economic implications. Comprehensive programmes in Media24, MultiChoice South Africa and MultiChoice sub- Saharan Africa outside South Africa comprise:

  • information and awareness campaigns
  • voluntary free testing
  • free counselling, and
  • comprehensive medical treatment programmes.