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Results of the Accelerated Bookbuild

Sep 27 2017

Naspers Limited (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) Registration number: 1925/001431/06 Share code: NPN ISIN: ZAE000015889 (“ Naspers ” or “ Company ”) NOT FOR PUBLICATION, DISTRIBUTION OR RELEASE, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, IN OR INTO THE UNITED STATES, AUSTRALIA, CANADA OR... Read more

What U.S. Startups Can Learn From the Country That Matched a NASA Feat at a Fraction of the Cost

Sep 25 2017

By Russell Dreisenstock, International Investments, Naspers Ventures Published on Entrepreneur.com. View original article here .  When looking at technology hotspots outside the U.S., it is difficult to see past India. Home to 1.3 billion people, and the world's seventh largest economy... Read more

What I wish I’d known then

Sep 21 2017

By Iulian Stanciu, shareholder and CEO, eMAG   I started my first business a little over 18 years ago when I was only 22, before I’d even finished university. I began selling computers from a small apartment; I love talking to people, creating processes and technology, so working in this... Read more

Luno expands to 35 new markets; announcing Series B round

Sep 19 2017

From Marcus Swanepoel, Co-founder and CEO, Lun o We are excited to announce the launch of Luno across  several new European markets . This means people from 40 countries around the world can now easily buy, sell and store Bitcoin with Luno.   At Luno, our core mission is to bring digital... Read more

Naspers announces winners of 2017 Founder and Innovation Awards

Sep 15 2017

Cape Town, South Africa, 15 September 2017 - Naspers, a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world, has announced the winners of its annual Founder and Innovation Awards. The awards recognise the outstanding performance of company founders... Read more

Finalisation announcement in relation to the unbundling of Novus Holdings Limited shares to Naspers

Sep 12 2017

Naspers Limited (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa) Registration number: 1925/001431/06 Share code: NPN ISIN: ZAE000015889 (“Naspers” or the "Company")  1. Introduction 1.1      Naspers “N” and “A” shareholders (“ Naspers Shareholders ”) are referred to the announcement... Read more

Interview with Jesse Vollmar, co-founder & CEO at FarmLogs

Sep 07 2017

Jesse Vollmar is co-founder and CEO of FarmLogs, the leading data science company focused on helping farmers use technology to create a better future for their farms. We caught up with Jesse to discuss the 2017 FarmLogs State of Ag Report and how cutting-edge software and data science is... Read more

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