May 1915 Naspers is incorporated in Cape Town. Named Die Nasionale Pers (Afrikaans for the National Press), the company started as a printer and publisher of newspapers and magazines.


Naspers adds book publishing to its newspaper and magazine printing and publishing operations. The business grows into one of Africa’s leading media groups.


1985 Naspers forms electronic Pay-TV business, M-Net, with several other South African media companies.

1990 M-Net is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (now JSE Limited).

October 1993
M-Net is divided into two companies. The subscriber management, signal distribution and cellular telephone businesses, together with a holding in FilmNet (a pay-television operator in Europe) are placed into a new company called MultiChoice Limited (later named MIH Holdings Limited).

Richemont S.A., the Switzerland-based luxury goods holding company, and MultiChoice Limited merge their global pay-television operations − including the interest in FilmNet, MultiChoice’s operations in Africa, and Richemont’s interest in Telepiu − into a single venture called NetHold B.V., which MultiChoice holds through its subsidiary, MIH Limited.

January 1997
MIH Limited creates an internet service provider: MWEB Holdings.

March 1997
MIH Limited and Richemont merge most of NetHold’s assets with Canal+, the France-based pay-television operator. MIH Limited retains NetHold’s African, Mediterranean and Middle East pay-television businesses and acquires 49% of Irdeto Access from Canal+. MIH Limited also received a small interest in Canal+.
MIH Limited subsequently sells its interest in Canal+ to fund its expansion plans, including the purchase of the remainder of Irdeto Access from Canal+; the purchase of a 31.1% interest in the Thai pay-television operator UBC; and the purchase of a 44.5% interest in OpenTV, a technology company for set-top box operating systems and software.

March 1998
MWEB Holdings is spun off as a listed entity on the JSE. MWEB is subsequently delisted, and Naspers holds 100% of the economic interest in the company.

November 1999 OpenTV and MIH Limited are listed on NASDAQ.

2000 All print media businesses are organised and branded under the Media24 umbrella.

May 2001
Naspers acquires a 46.5% interest in Tencent Holdings Limited, the operator of an instant messaging platform in China called QQ. The business has since developed into the leading instant messaging business in China.

M-Net and SuperSport are listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

August 2002
MIH Limited sells its stake in OpenTV.

December 2002
Following a restructuring, Naspers’ minority interests in MIH Holdings and MIH Limited are swapped for shares in Naspers itself, and they become wholly owned subsidiaries of Naspers.
Holders of MIH Limited shares, resident in any country other than South Africa, receive their interest in Naspers shares in the form of Naspers’ American Depositary Shares (ADSs). MIH Holdings shares are delisted from the JSE and MIH Limited’s shares are delisted from NASDAQ. At the same time, Naspers’ ADSs are listed on NASDAQ.

April 2004
M-Net and SuperSport are delisted from the JSE and Nigerian Stock Exchange after Naspers acquires an additional interest in both businesses.

June 2004
Tencent lists on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2004 and Naspers’ holding is consequently reduced to 35%. Naspers has never sold any Tencent shares and today holds an effective 34% stake, with the holding being reduced due to Tencent issuing shares for its share incentive scheme. Since 31 March 2009, MIH has held a 35.04% interest in Tencent.

December 2004
MIH acquires a 9.9% strategic stake in Beijing Media Corporation, one of China's leading newspapers companies, with its flagship newspaper, the Beijing Youth Daily.

February 2005
MWEB acquires the internet business of Tiscali in South Africa.

March 2005
Naspers consolidates all its print media, book publishing (Via Afrika) and private education (Educor) assets under the Media24 umbrella to simplify the group structure.

January 2006
MIH sells its investment in the Thailand pay-television platform, UBC, and its investments in the Thailand internet business, MKSC World Dot Com Co. Limited.

May 2006
MIH acquires a 30% stake in the leading Brazilian media company Abril S.A. for a cash consideration of US$422 million. The rationale for this transaction is to provide an entry into the internet in the growing Brazilian media market.

September 2006
Media24 launches a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) share offer, Welkom Yizani, which offers eligible black people and black groups an indirect interest of 15% in Media24. The offer is three times oversubscribed, with over 100 000 applications receiving 14.6 million Welkom Yizani ordinary shares.
During the last quarter of 2006, MultiChoice South Africa (MCSA) completes two successful B-BBEE transactions. Called Phuthuma Nathi, the first transaction offers an indirect interest of 15% in the MCSA pay-television and internet business to eligible black people and groups. The offer is three times over-subscribed with around 120 000 applications receiving 45 million Phuthuma Nathi ordinary shares on offer.
A second transaction offers a further indirect interest of 7.5% to those applicants who did not receive their full allocation in the first Phuthuma Nathi and Welkom Yizani offers. This offer is more than twice over-subscribed. Approximately 3 500 applications receive 22.5 million ordinary shares on offer.

In total, Phuthuma Nathi shareholders end up holding 22.5% in MCSA. The acquisition of the remaining 40% interest in M-Net and SuperSport (detailed below), settled by issuing MCSA shares, dilutes  the Phuthuma Nathi shareholding to  20%.

December 2006
MIH acquires an interest in the Russian internet business, Port.ru, Inc. (mail.ru). MIH subsequently increases its interest in mail.ru to 42,88% from 31 March 2009.

Early 2007
MIH participates in a capital raising exercise by Naspers. The marketed offering of US$750 million is two times over-subscribed and the allocation is raised to US$875 million. A successful green shoe – or over-allotment option – increases the proceeds by a further 15%.

May 2007
Naspers is delisted from the NASDAQ and listed on the London Stock Exchange as a secondary listing.

October 2007
MWEB Africa successfully completes the acquisition of Afsat, the leading African satellite ISP.

November 2007
Naspers finalises its acquisition of a 40% interest in M-Net and SuperSport International Holdings Limited (SuperSport). The transaction is settled by issuing 21,6 million Naspers shares and R250 million in cash.

The Group also acquires 100% of the issued share capital of Cloakware Inc, a US company providing software security solutions.

March 2008
MIH acquires 100% of Tradus, a leading provider of C2C ecommerce platforms in Central and Eastern Europe for GBP946 million. Tradus is subsequently delisted from the London Stock Exchange and the group is reorganised into Allegro and Ricardo.

In addition, Gadu-Gadu, a leading instant-messaging (IM) platform in Poland, is purchased and subsequently delisted from the Warsaw exchange.

MIH increases its interest in Nimbuzz, which focuses on IM, mobile VoIP and telecommunications; invests in BuzzCity, a developer of global wireless communities and consumer services; ACL Wireless, a mobile solutions company in India; and Compera nTime, a leading provider of mobile value-added services in Brazil.

August 2008
Naspers sells its Greek and Cypriot pay-television operations, Netmed, for EUR490 million.

June 2009
Allegro acquires an 83.2% interest in Bankier.pl, a leading Warsaw-listed Polish financial portal.

2009 Allegro acquires a 75% interest in Arukereso in Hungary, which offers online price comparison services in Central Eastern Europe.

August 2009
MIH acquires a 51% interest in sulit.com.ph, a leading classifieds business in the Philippines. This stake increases to 75% in 2012, and then to 83% in 2013.

September 2009 MIH acquires 91% of BuscaPé, a leading ecommerce company offering online price comparison services in Latin America, for US$342 million.

October 2009
The group subscribes for an additional 11.9% in Mail.ru, to enable mail.ru to acquire 100% of Astrum Online Entertainment (Astrum), the largest games developer and games platform operator in Russia.
The Competition Commission approves the acquisition of 51% of Korbitec by Property24. This is increases to 85% in August 2012.

November 2009
Telkom agrees to buy MWeb Africa from MIH.

May 2010 BuscaPé acquires a 30% interest in Brandsclub, the leading private internet sales club business in Brazil. This increases to 100% in August 2012.

MIH acquires  29.9% of Iceni Mobile, a provider of mobile service solutions.

June 2010
MIH acquires 25% of Dubizzle, the leading online classifieds business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This increases to 54% in 2013.

July 2010
MIH B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Naspers, successfully prices its US$700 million 6.375% notes due 2017. These notes, fully and unconditionally guaranteed by Naspers, are subsequently listed on the Global Exchange Market of the Irish Stock Exchange and the proceeds are used for general corporate purposes.

Movile acquires 100% of Cyclelogic, a mobile added-value services (MVAS) company with a presence in eight Latin American countries.

August 2010
Naspers consolidates its internet assets in Russia, acquiring a 28.7% stake in Digital Sky Technologies (DST), a prominent internet company in Russian-speaking markets, in exchange for its 39.3% investment in Mail.ru and US$388 million in cash. DST is subsequently renamed Mail.ru Group and listed on the London Stock Exchange.
The group also acquires a 67.8% holding in OLX Inc., an online classifieds business, for US$144 million. This stake increases to 95% over time.

September 2010
MIH acquires a 74% holding in Multiply Inc., a social shopping platform in South East Asia.

December 2010
MIH acquires Level Up!, a gaming company operating in Latin America and the Philippines.

February 2011
The group acquires 77.7% of Dinero Mail, Latin America’s leading internet payment solution. This stake increases to 100% in 2013.

April 2011
The group acquires 85% of 7Pixel, Italy’s leading online price comparison and shopping platform.

July 2011
Allegro signs an agreement to acquire 100% of Slando, Russia’s third largest general classifieds business and market leader in Ukraine.
In addition, Allegro acquires 80% of the largest Turkish private sales fashion club, Markafoni.

September 2011
Naspers sells its 30% interest in MXit Lifestyle to South African investment group World of Avatar.

December 2011
Allegro acquires 90% of Fashion Days, a leading private sales club in Central and Eastern Europe.

March 2012
Naspers acquires 51% of Travel Boutique, an online travel platform that aggregates travel suppliers, and small and medium agents in India. Naspers also acquires a stake in Vtex in Brazil.

June 2012
The group acquires a 79% interest in Netretail for US$213 million. Netretail is a leading online retailer in the Czech Republic, with operations in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.
Naspers also acquires 97% of Agito.pl, one of the largest online stores in Poland.

August 2012
The group acquires a 10% interest in Flipkart, a leading ecommerce platform in India, for US$102 million. This stake increases to 19% in 2013.

October 2012
Naspers acquires a 70% interest in eMAG, one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in Romania, for US$82 million.
In addition, the group acquires 65% of FixeAds, a Portuguese company comprising several leading classifieds sites.

October 2012
Naspers makes a 30% investment in Souq.com, a leading ecommerce portal in the Middle East. This stake increases to 48% in 2014.

November 2012
The group acquires 65% of Tokobagus, one of the largest classifieds sites in Indonesia.

In the same month, the group acquires 51% of LazienkaPlus, the biggest online store in Poland.

February 2013
Naspers acquires 25% of Konga.com, Nigeria’s largest online marketplace.

March 2013
The group acquires an 18.6% stake in Avito.ru, a leading general classifieds platform in Russia.

June 2013
Naspers acquires an 80% interest in redBus.com for US$102 million.  redBus.com is India’s biggest bus ticket portal.

July 2013
MIH B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Naspers, successfully prices its US$1 billion 6.0% notes due 2020. These notes, fully and unconditionally guaranteed by Naspers, are subsequently listed on the Global Exchange Market of the Irish Stock Exchange and the proceeds used for general corporate purposes.

August 2013
The group acquires a 47% interest in PayProp in South Africa, the largest processor of rental payments for the property management industry. PayProp operates in the UK, Switzerland and South Africa.

November 2013
McGregor BFA, a subsidiary of Naspers, acquires 100% of I-Net Bridge to form INET BFA.

December 2013
Sulit in the Philippines merges with OLX

January 2014
Sulit brings Property24, the South African-based real estate classifieds site, into the Philippines.

March 2014
Naspers injects an additional US$75 million into Souq.com.

March-May 2014
The group consolidates its online classified services in the Philippines, Thailand, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Indonesia into one brand: - OLX.

May 2014
Naspers acquires a 26% interest in SimilarWeb in Tel Aviv, a web measurement tool that provides online marketing professionals with web analytics and competitive intelligence for any site on the internet.