Naspers focuses on attaining sustainable market positions in growing emerging markets which it believes present above-average growth opportunities.

Looking ahead, we mostly have resilient businesses in economies that are on average doing better than the developed world. Competition in pay television, regulation and consumer spending levels remain concerns.

We will continue our growth strategy. Rigorous evaluation processes are applied when new investments are considered. Our aim remains to deliver value to our shareholders over the medium and longer term.

Naspers key objectives are as follows:


Focus on Investment and Technology

Naspers has made substantial investments in recent years to upgrade and improve its subscriber and user platforms, and intends to continue with these investments in order to consolidate the leading positions it holds in many markets and to expand into new ones.

The Company has invested in several internet related businesses including investments in e-commerce transaction platforms and instant-messaging communication.

Build Digital Subscriber Base

Naspers seeks to continue to expand MultiChoice's digital pay-television subscriber base, by converting its current analogue customers to the digital service and by gaining new digital customers.

MultiChoice offers its subscribers premium movie and sports programming and constantly adds interactive services to its bouquets (the term used to describe the channels offered on the different programming packages).

Grow Internet Businesses

Naspers intends to develop its range of internet services that include e-commerce, communication and networking services, in the territories in which it operates (China, Africa, Brazil, Central Eastern Europe, Russia and India). It also intends expanding into new developing territories.

Maintain Local Approach

Naspers has a successful track record of establishing, acquiring and growing businesses in emerging markets.

Naspers believes that a component of its success in these markets is its emphasis on a local approach, involving local partners and management teams, and incorporating linguistically and culturally tailored local content in its service offerings.

Naspers intends to continue with this strategy as it expands its pay-television and internet businesses.

Provide Quality Service

Naspers views its subscriber platform business primarily as a service business and places emphasis on the importance of providing customer service.

Naspers believes that this helps to build customer loyalty and reduce “churn” (a term used to describe subscriber loss).

Naspers will continue with providing quality customer service by operating service centres using advanced computer systems.

Attract Innovative and Motivated Employees

Naspers places a high priority on attracting quality employees and encourages them to improve on cutting-edge technology and come up with new ideas. Employees are motivated by being provided with ongoing training opportunities and made owners in the business through share incentive schemes.