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Providing access to quality higher education for the next generation of South Africans


Naspers Bursaries

Naspers is a global consumer internet group that’s always been about
smart, entrepreneurial thinking. Our products and services improve the
everyday lives of around 2 billion consumers in more than 100 countries,
making a difference to how people eat, trade, learn, pay and connect
amongst others.

Africa has the youngest population in the world, it is important that
we invest in our future human capital and provide them with access
to quality higher education. We believe that education can play a pivotal
role in empowering and transforming communities from the inside out.
That’s why we have established Naspers Bursaries, a bursary programme
that aims to widen access to quality higher education for the next
generation of South Africans.

The Naspers Bursary Programme offers holistic support, going beyond
just financial assistance to also address psychosocial health and career
readiness of our students. Our belief is that every individual’s needs are
different, and our programme will offer individual counselling, mentorship,
and monthly workshops covering various topics to enable our students’

We know better than anyone that talent, ingenuity, and success are
more than skills learnt in a book. It can come from anywhere.

Our aim is to foster change, and we’re on a mission to find talent
who are just as committed as us to take South Africa forward.


The Naspers Bursary Programme awards academically and financially
qualifying young South Africans, the opportunity to study in the sought
after fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM),
including commerce and business sciences, at any of our partner
universities. Because let’s face it, our country needs more brilliant minds
in these fields as we unlock the potential of the next generations of
scientists, engineers, and tech gurus!

The bursaries are awarded to candidates from first year through
to honours level.

Unlocking potential

We partner with high schools, after-school programmes and local
organisations in previously disadvantaged communities to find
young bright minds with academic potential in STEM, with limited
to no financial means to further their studies. We believe that
talent can come from anywhere and we want to ensure that all
qualifying candidates can apply for our bursaries.

Financial Support

Our bursaries cover the full cost of the degree for the duration
of our bursars’ studies and include:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Prescribed textbooks
  • Living allowance
  • A laptop computer (first years only)
Holistic Support

We want students to succeed on all fronts and understand that adjusting
to university life can be challenging. That is why we provide
access to academic and psychosocial support. This includes:

  • Monthly counselling sessions
  • Monthly workshops
  • Career guidance and work readiness
  • A mentorship programme
Giving back together

Giving back is important to Naspers in all the markets it operates
and invests in. We expect our Naspers bursars to be no different,
and they should want to build a better future for themselves and
their communities.  They will all be expected to actively support
local community or charity organisations, giving back where they can.

Should you have any questions about the Naspers Bursary
Programme please send an email to [email protected].