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Naspers Foundry

Helping South African entrepreneurs build great tech businesses

Naspers Foundry is a South Africa-focused start-up funding initiative that helps talented and ambitious South African technology entrepreneurs develop and grow businesses that improve people’s daily lives.
ZAR 1.4 billion over 3 years to back and support South Africa-focused technology start-ups
Stimulating the South African start-up ecosystem, building the technology businesses of the future
Boosting local economies and creating jobs and opportunities for South Africans

At Naspers we believe that when we invest in an entrepreneur, we are able to bring much more to the table than just funding. We understand what it’s like to build and grow tech businesses, and we share that knowledge to help them succeed. We also recognise the important role that local businesses can play in boosting local economies, which in turn boosts the wider South African economy. That’s why a significant portion of the Naspers Foundry investment will be focused on black-owned South African start-ups.

“We believe the best ideas often starts locally, with passionate entrepreneurs starting businesses that meet the needs of the communities they know best. And when those needs are universal across the markets we know well, with the right backing, there is the future potential for their business to grow beyond their home market." - Bob van Dijk, CEO, Naspers

Helping South African entrepreneurs build great tech businesses:

  • Our investment extends beyond capital – we will proactively engage with founding teams to help them grow and scale their operations.
  • Naspers’ global portfolio offers a powerful launchpad for later stage start-ups.
  • Naspers’ international expertise and global network can help later-stage start-ups accelerate their growth.
  • Naspers is a long-term investor which invests with a long-term view.
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We back South Africa-focused technology start-ups that address big societal needs

South Africa

We invest in for-profit tech startups and entrepreneurs who are focussed on South Africa


Naspers Foundry invests in start-ups that aim to bring technology-driven products and services to the market.

Societal needs

We favour technology start-ups that address big societal needs and which are in line with Naspers' existing global portfolio.