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Investor day

Naspers Investor day, New York, USA – December 12, 2017

The Naspers Investor Day took place on Tuesday 12 December 2017, at ‘Current’ in New York.
Our Investor Day is an opportunity to hear Naspers Group CEO, Bob van Dijk and Group CFO, Basil Sgourdos discuss Naspers’ strategy and financials. The following Naspers Management Team members joined Bob and Basil to provide a strategic review and progress report on key business areas of the group:
  • Martin Scheepbouwer, CEO Classifieds
  • Cristina Berta Jones, COO B2C Ecommerce
  • Laurent Le Moal, CEO Payments
  • Larry Illg, CEO Naspers Ventures
  • Uvashni Raman, CFO Video Entertainment
A recording of the individual sessions is available via the link below.
Webcast replay »

01 Naspers Strategy (Bob van Dijk)
02 Classifieds (Martin Scheepbouwer)
03 B2C Ecommerce (Cristina Berta Jones)
04 Payments (Laurent Le Moal)
05 Naspers Ventures & Online Food Delivery (Larry Illg)
06 Video Entertainment (Uvashni Raman)
07 Financial Architecture (Basil Sgourdos)