Black Lives Matter statement by Bob van Dijk, Group CEO

The past few weeks have been a turning point as the world responds to the tragic injustice of the death of George Floyd and that of others before him. The Black Lives Matter protests are a clear message that racial prejudice, inequality and discrimination are a reality still faced every day by people across the planet because of the colour of their skin. There is no place for racism in this world, and if we want to change that, we must stand together to banish it.
As a global organisation with people in many countries, the events of the last few weeks bring into sharp focus our huge responsibility as a community of colleagues. A responsibility to strive for a diverse, inclusive and safe environment, for all of our people, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, who they love, how or whether they worship. An environment where every person feels they belong, that they are listened to, and where they are empowered to speak up.
Building such workplaces is already an enduring priority for us, but there is always more we can do both personally and as an organisation. Given Naspers’s indefensible role in South Africa’s apartheid past, we have an added responsibility to do what we can to help create a just and equitable society. The Naspers of today is a story of evolution and change and we are committed to supporting the democratic ideals and progress of South Africa. The recent events have strengthened our resolve.