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Naspers Chairman awards top prizes

Careers, News, 31 August 2012
In Naspers press releases

Today Ton Vosloo, chairman of Naspers, presented the group’s top prizes at a luncheon after the company’s annual general meeting.

This year the Phil Weber Award, the highest accolade for performance in the group, was shared by Ferial Haffajee, editor-in-chief of City Press, and Basil Sgourdos, chief financial officer of MIH.

As editor-in-chief of City Press, Ferial Haffajee is one of the respected and fearless editors of her generation. Her track record as a trailblazing journalist is now evident in a culture of excellence at City Press, which she has steered since 2009. Ferial believes it is vital for the country to have a robust, independent media and she is at the forefront of defending this.

As CFO of MIH, Basil is known for his drive, commitment and perseverance. His exceptional knowledge of the group’s pay-TV business and expertise on the subject of the internet enable him to make valuable inputs – not just as financial chief, but as a consummate user.

The Chairman’s Award recognises a staff member who has walked the extra mile. This year, the award went to two people who demonstrated their loyalty, determination and commitment daily: Isak Maklein and Christine Malinga.

Isak is an assistant team leader at Leserskring/Leisure Books. He has made valuable input and acted as a role model in fostering customer urgency, self-management and capacity building of the team.

The second recipient of the Chairman’s Award was Christine Malinga, a valued member of the Beeld team for over 20 years and an inspiration to her colleagues.

Mr Vosloo also thanked the group’s employees for their contribution to the excellent financial results Naspers reported on at the annual general meeting. He noted this was an exciting but challenging time to be working in the global media business. “Change is happening more rapidly than ever and we’re facing some truly complex issues. In the face of these, Naspers continues to grow, guided by its core strategies: the organic growth of our existing businesses and adding a few acquisitions that add value to our group. This strategy has served us well to date. I’m confident it will continue to underpin our success.”

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