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Spotlight on: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Sep 24 2018

An interview with Naspers’ Global Lead for Data Science and AI, Euro Beinat We caught up with Euro Beinat, one of the newest members of the Naspers team, to learn about his career to date and his perspective on AI’s true potential.   What’s the difference between AI and Machine Learning? ... Read more

The case for inclusivity

Aug 17 2018

By Brad Porteus, Global Head of People & HR at OLX Group   Diversity. It starts out looking like a pretty straightforward topic. Homogenous teams systematically suffer from  group think : they come up with the same ideas, trick themselves into believing their ideas are the best, and... Read more

The importance of localization

Apr 03 2018

by Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer at Showmax At the heart of Showmax is a determination not only to understand, but to meet the unique needs of each consumer. In my previous blog, ‘ Launching your product into new markets? Here’s how ’, I talked about the importance of understanding the... Read more

Launching your product into new markets? Here's how.

Feb 26 2018

By Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer, Showmax   I’m often asked how Showmax managed to successfully expand from Sub-Saharan African to Poland, a very different type of market. It’s challenging to answer, as we didn’t follow a typical playbook of international expansion. Instead, we... Read more

Mistakes People Make When Interviewing for a Product Manager

Dec 06 2017

By Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer, Showma x There are many reasons a candidate might not succeed when interviewing for a product manager role. Finding the right match comes down to skills and cultural fit. The company and candidate must be aligned on values, goals, and intent... Read more

Follow the Leader: André Ferraz, CEO and Co-Founder, In Loco Media

Dec 01 2017

André Ferraz is one of In Loco Media’s eight co-founders. The company was formed in 2011 as part of a student project at the Federal University of Pernambuco’s IT Center. We caught up with André to discuss how In Loco Media uses location and exclusive profiling algorithms to serve audiences with... Read more

Follow the Leader: Carlos Eduardo Moyses, CEO, iFood

Nov 21 2017

iFood is a leading mobile technology company in Latin America that enables hungry customers to find, order and receive meals from restaurants. We caught up with CEO Carlos Moyses to discuss how the company is expanding into new markets and helping restaurants in LATAM diversify and grow their... Read more

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