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How to turn your customers into your biggest fans

25 July 2017

By Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer, Showmax   Understanding your customers is essential for any business owner and is one of the cornerstones of the product manager role, as discussed in my last blog post . Building strong and long-lasting relationships is first and foremost about... Read more

The product manager’s evolution

11 July 2017

By Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer, Showmax   Ten years ago, the top companies by market cap in the world were predominantly in oil, general industry, and financial services. Today, the top five are technology companies, providing products and services to consumers and enterprises. With... Read more

Building a future-proof culture for your start-up

5 July 2017

by Aileen O'Toole, Chief People Officer, Naspers   Nothing beats a start-up culture. Ask anyone who has founded a start-up or worked in one and they become misty-eyed as they remember the sense of purpose, the great teamwork and how much they enjoyed the hard work. Building a strong... Read more

Why business leaders should embrace Artificial Intelligence

2 June 2017

By Sebastiaan Vaessen, Head of Strategy, Naspers Artificial Intelligence is in media mania right now.  However, beyond the hype and neon lights, it is clear that AI is becoming the new essential technology for business. If you have only just started thinking of being digital or being mobile... Read more

Lessons in advertising – how app developers can learn from TV

24 May 2017

By Evan Waters, Director, Growth and Performance Marketing, Naspers Over the past twenty years the number of entertainment channels available to the public has increased dramatically from simple television and radio, to streaming on-demand, mobile apps, TV catch up, and many more. Business... Read more

Scaling your start-up: hiring leaders

26 April 2017

by Aileen O’Toole, Chief People Officer, Naspers. In my last post I spoke about the talent tipping point that founders inevitably reach as their start-up scales. Part of that challenge is hiring senior talent – finding the leaders who will work with founders to transition from start-up to... Read more

The talent tipping point: How to attract talent to a start-up as it grows

23 February 2017

by Aileen O’Toole, Chief People Officer, Naspers. At the start of a new venture, many founders are already well-connected to the talent they need for their fledgling business. Hiring is rarely a challenge because the opportunity is easy to sell to their immediate networks of friends, family... Read more

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