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Our people

Our people are at the heart of our business

They make all the difference to our success.
We’re dedicated to helping our people be the best they can be by creating a diverse and inclusive learning organisation. Our employees’ competencies, capabilities, and experience, as well as their drive and engagement, are key to our success.

We are a diverse group of companies, but some things are consistent for our people wherever we operate. These include our commitments to fair labour practices, human capital development and diversity and inclusion.

Labour practices

We’re committed to enabling fair employment and having best-practice standards for our own people management including talent attraction and retention; diversity and inclusion; training and development; upskilling; labour management relations; and health, safety, and wellbeing. 
Our legal compliance programme ensures compliance with all applicable OHS, labour, economic empowerment, transformation, and diversity laws. We have HR policies and procedures in place to protect employees from human rights violations. These policies address talent attraction, management and retention, succession planning, fair and responsible remuneration, working conditions, grievance procedures and diversity, among others. We also monitor labour legislation in the various countries we operate in and ensure we comply. 
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Our values underpin our culture:

We build

At our heart, we’re entrepreneurs. Together, we build leading companies that empower people and enrich communities. With businesses in some of the most exciting markets in the world, and a focus on long-term growth, Naspers is a unique place to build your career. We help you connect, learn and stretch to make the most of your talent, whatever stage you’re at.

We empower

We back local teams and learn from each other. We encourage diversity in our teams and in our thinking. You’re empowered to be responsible and make decisions because we trust you to do a great job. But if you need help, just shout, because we’ve got your back. We believe in you and we want you to share your talent and expertise across the group.

We perform

We push for performance in everything we do, and since the beginning, we’ve moved fast to seize opportunities others haven’t seen. We agree clear and ambitious goals, have continuous conversations about beating them and reward you for what you deliver and how you deliver it. Pushing for performance is good for growth - growth in your skills, experience and career, and growth for Naspers.

We matter

We do the right thing, no exceptions. We matter to the communities we serve and wherever we operate we hold ourselves to high standards. You matter, so we create supportive, flexible and happy environments to help you perform at your best. Your manager cares about you, listens to your opinions and supports your ambition. Together, we are all responsible for the positive impact we have on our people, our customers and our shareholders.

Developing our people

Our employees’ competencies, capabilities and experience, as well as their motivation and engagement, are key to our success.
We aim to attract and retain high-calibre individuals to execute on our strategy and build sustainable businesses. Developing our talent is a critical enabler of present and future success as well as playing a role in the retention of our people. 

We do this by:
  • Fostering a safe and healthy working environment where people feel cared for, heard and supported
  • Encouraging diversity in our teams and building inclusive workplaces. 
  • Providing our employees with focused career development and training.
  • Reinforcing the leadership pipeline and accelerating the growth of top talent.
  • Creating employment opportunities that benefit the economies and societies in which we operate.
  • Being fair and responsible in our remuneration practices and having a pay-for-performance remuneration strategy.

Diversity & inclusion

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key element of our business growth and success. 
Our employment philosophy is founded on promoting equality and preventing unfair discrimination.  So, we are proactive about improving diversity in our workforce, including hiring practices, employee development and rewards – ensuring we attract, hire, retain and reward our people without bias. 

We encourage diversity in our teams and in our thinking. We leverage our strengths as a highly collaborative, inclusive, learning organisation. Our commitment to learning aligns with our focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion – which essentially fuels greater learning and creativity. 
In fact, we regard a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace as a strategic competitive advantage. Because solving customer problems and unlocking hidden value becomes much more possible when we have diverse opinions in an environment where people can contribute at their best and have a voice.

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