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Using technology to catalyse positive change and find solutions for shared global challenges

Investment stewardship

As a leading technology investor, we create value for our stakeholders by enabling entrepreneurs and technologies that improve people’s daily lives. Our positive impact starts with the choices we make about the companies we invest in. Our investment decisions are informed by our assessment of the material topics that are important to our stakeholders.

Global vision, local impact

We provide financial and non-financial support to local entrepreneurs who are using digital technology to address the everyday needs of the communities around them, stimulating local economies and expanding the scale of our impact.

Digital transition

As a service company, we invest in platform businesses with minimal negative effects on our planet. We welcome the positive environmental impact of the move to conducting more activities through digital platforms. The digital delivery of products and services replaces the need for physical infrastructure and limits the need for transport. When customers buy and sell second-hand goods, for example, they are extending the life of the product, which directly contributes to a more sustainable way of life. From classifieds to payments and Fintech to food delivery to Edtech, the businesses we back are at the heart of this digital transition.