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Harnessing the power of technology to address global challenges

Responsible business

As an established actor in high-growth markets, we are committed to discovering and scaling digital services and technologies to address global challenges. Our approach rests on the following pillars:

Responsible investment

Responsible investment is at the heart of our approach.

We seek to demonstrate best practices to our controlled operating companies and our non-controlled companies. By supporting our investees to plan and implement ESG strategies adapted for local contexts, our digital services businesses unlock opportunities and drive economic growth.

As a shareholder, we exercise our influence to embed ESG performance criteria into the business models of our portfolio companies.

Business conduct and integrity

Compliance and business ethics
Honesty and integrity are the foundations of the Group’s reputation and of the trust of its stakeholders: it is crucial for us to guard that reputation and preserve that trust.
The Board sets the “tone at the top” guiding business values and the ethical climate. The Board endorses the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (Code) which sets out what we as a Group expect from all our employees and stakeholders and should be considered considering potential investment opportunities. Management is responsible for creating a culture aimed at long-term value creation for the Group and ensuring ethical business standards are integrated into the Group’s strategies and operations.
We are required to comply with many laws and regulations that apply in the countries in which we operate. Failure to comply with these laws and regulations, could expose the Group to legal liability and negatively impact our reputation, business, financial condition, and the communities in which we operate. We are therefore committed to conducting business in compliance with the law and behaving in an ethical way. This means that we, as a Group, and our businesses apply laws and rules, codes and standards with integrity and with regard for ethical business practices in a way that supports good corporate citizenship.
In order to execute effective and demonstrable ethics & compliance management, Naspers developed and communicated an ethics & compliance framework that sets out minimum standards1 that are required throughout the Group. Based on this framework, Group companies (direct and indirect subsidiaries2) are expected to have an Ethics & Compliance Programme in place. Such a programme should be ‘fit for purpose’ and focused on the risks that relate to the business.