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Using technology to catalyse positive change and find solutions for shared global challenges

Stakeholder engagement and materiality

We create sustainable value by actively engaging with our stakeholders and prioritising the topics important to them. Our materiality assessment identifies these topics and the areas where our actions can have the greatest impact.

Our stakeholders

We value the input from our stakeholders, and we regularly engage to ensure a continuous exchange of information and ideas. This is a critical part of our responsible approach to sustainability.


Customers and users

We help customers improve their everyday lives.


We build inclusive and supportive cultures that enable our talented people to do their best work. We provide meaningful roles, encourage continual development, and reward and recognise the many contributions that our people make.


We are committed to sustainable value creation over the long term for our shareholders.

Business partners

We build positive and supportive relationships with suppliers, consultants, and our other partners.

Industry bodies

We regularly engage with appropriate bodies to share our perspectives and understand theirs to broaden our positive impact.


We are extremely conscious of our responsibility as a global group with many local operations and investments. We work hard to maximise our positive impact while minimising any adverse impact.


We work hard to build open and constructive media relationships to enable balanced reporting on the group, its investments and operations, and its perspectives.

Government and regulators

We engage with governments and regulators to share our perspectives and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.


Public advocacy

As a global company serving around 2 billion users worldwide, our work involves interaction with governments, policymakers and regulatory bodies. Our global corporate affairs team engages in constructive dialogue with officials on public policy topics that affect our business, operations and investments, as well as the contributions we make to society. We share our positions directly and through trade associations.
The perspectives, insights and experience of our companies that we can offer form an important part of public policy discussion. We engage responsibly and we aim to ensure that our participation in political or policy engagement is transparent and non-partisan. We disclose our memberships and donations as appropriate.