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Naspers aims to contribute positively to the communities within which it operates
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Naspers’ approach to tax

Naspers aims to contribute positively to the communities within which it operates. As a global company, we recognize that the tax we pay is an important element of our broader economic and social contribution to the countries where we operate.
Naspers businesses pay taxes where they operate. At Naspers, there is zero tolerance for non-compliance with tax laws in all jurisdictions in which our businesses find themselves.  In managing our tax affairs we take into account the interests of all our stakeholders, including governments and our shareholders. On this site, you will find information about our vision on tax, tax contributions and other relevant information on the subject of Tax.

  • In the Tax Policy, you will find the policy governing the management of taxes by Naspers and its subsidiaries. This policy is relevant to all employees of Naspers dealing with tax matters. Its intention is to set out the goals and guiding principles which should direct and control tax activity within Naspers.
  • Under Financial Reporting, we provide an overview of the tax paid and collected amounts, per tax type and per region worldwide. We also provide you with information on the tax contributions in South Africa and globally, from a sustainability perspective.
  • In the Stakeholder engagement subpage, we give an overview of publications and interaction with stakeholders.