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Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

1.1. Purpose. We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We are Naspers Limited (Registration number 1925/001431/06) and this policy describes our approach to the processing of your personal information on our website, Specifically, it describes how we collect, use, disclose, and store the personal information received via the website. 

1.2. Governing Law. This Website Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

2. Scope

This policy applies to you when you visit our website

3. Acceptance and changes

3.1. Acceptance. You may not continue to visit our website if you do not accept this policy or any changes to it.

3.2. Your responsibility. You may only send us your own personal information and not personal information belonging to anyone else.

3.3. Changes. We may change this policy at any time and will notify you of the changes on our website. The changed policy applies to you if you continue using our website after the date on which the change has been posted.

4. Collection

4.1. Automatically through website. When you visit our website, we automatically collect your Internet usage information through your browser via Google GA cookies, which we may use to gain insights into how our visitors use the website and optimize the experience and the presentation of information.

4.2. On registration or submission. We may ask you to provide us with certain identifying information (including your first name, surname and email address) when you register or otherwise submit information through our website.

4.3. Ad hoc. You may provide us certain optional identifying information on a voluntary basis when you fill in a contact form, when you email us, or when you provide identifying information to support a request under section 7.1 of this policy.

4.4. Consent to collection. We will get your consent to collect your personal information when required by applicable law.

4.5. Purpose for collection. We may process this personal information to:
  • authenticate your identity in order to provide you with access to certain files containing certain logos and other forms of intellectual property belonging to us or third parties;
  • gain insight into how our visitors use the website and to improve our website service;
  • contribute to research and analytics studies, including use of artificial intelligence and machine learning;
  • recognise, prevent and investigate attacks of our website;
  • comply with applicable laws;
  • enforce our terms of use; and
  • any other purposes that you indicate when you agree to provide it to us, such as purposes that you indicate by email, or for subscriptions in our Newsroom..
“Processing” includes gathering your personal information, disclosing it, and combining it with other personal information.

5. Use

5.1. Processing. We may process your personal information to fulfil our purposes for collection set out above.

5.2. Cookies. We use cookies on our website to gain insight into how our visitors use the website and to improve our website service and to contribute to research and analytics studies, including use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Cookies are small text files stored on your device when you visit most websites. These files hold small amounts of data and allow the server to recognise you when you revisit a website. We use both:
  • session cookies – a session cookie (also called a transient cookie) is temporary and will be erased once you close your browser (session cookies will not gather information from your computer, but they will recognise you as you navigate between pages during your session and will help maintain security during your visit); and
  • persistent cookies – persistent cookies are permanent cookies that have set expiration dates, they are stored on your device until they expire or are deleted and they will collect information such as your login details or user preferences when you visit certain websites.
Cookies can also be either:
  • first-party cookies – a first-party cookie is owned and created by the website you are visiting and stores a small amount of text on your computer (first-party cookies are usually allowed by most web browsers, but if you should choose to disable these type of cookies, the website you are visiting will not be able to track your activity during navigation); or
  • third-party cookies – third-party cookies are created and owned by a website other than the one you are currently visiting, these cookies will usually be from a company providing a service to the owners of the website you are visiting and these type of cookies typically store tracking information and personal preferences.
We use both first-party and third-party cookies on our website. Please consult the privacy policies of third parties, such as Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, to learn more about how they use information that they may collect via our website.

5.3. Deleting cookies. You can delete all cookies that an internet browser has stored on your device. How you do this depends on which internet browser you use. Please do the following to find out how:
  • consult the help function of your internet browser; or
  • visit where the procedure for deleting cookies in most browsers is set out step by step.

6. Disclosure

6.1. Sharing. We may share your personal information with third parties for the purposes described in section 4.5 specifically with:
  • other companies or divisions within the Naspers Group;
  • our website hosting partners, our service email marketing partners, and our other service providers who help us deliver this website;
  • researchers and analytics providers; and
  • third parties as required by applicable law.
You consent that we may share your personal information with third parties for the above mentioned purposes.

Honour this policy. When we share personal information with these third parties, we will require them to honour this policy, to the full extent required by applicable law.

6.2. Mandatory disclosure. We may disclose personal information to third parties if required for legal reasons, such as:
  • to regulators as law or governmental audit requires;
  • law enforcement as subpoena or court order requires; or
  • other third parties as applicable law requires.

6.3. Change of ownership. In the context of a corporate restructuring, a change of control or other transfer of ownership, we may share the personal information we process with third parties to assure continuity of the website services.

7. Storage

7.1. Data subject requests. You may ask us to provide you with a description of the personal information that we hold on you, correct or update it or delete it (provided that we do not need it to fulfil our obligations to you or applicable law does not require us to keep it). We will take all reasonable steps to verify your identity before doing so. Please contact us with your name and any other information needed to identify you correctly if you want access to information or want us to correct, update or delete it.

7.2. Accuracy. We will do our best to keep your personal information that we collect accurate, complete, and up to date.

7.3. Participation. We may ask you to update your personal information from time to time, but will take steps to verify your identity to prevent unauthorised access when doing so.

7.4. Security. With due regard to generally accepted information security practices and procedures, we will secure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information in our possession by taking appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss of, damage to or unauthorised destruction of personal information; and unlawful access to or processing of personal information.

7.5. Retention. We will only keep your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purposes described in this policy, unless you have given us permission to keep it longer or we are otherwise legally permitted to do so.

7.6. Transfers outside the Republic. As is common for websites, we may automatically transfer your personal information outside of the country in which it was collected to a foreign country, including outside the Republic of South Africa. By using our website, you consent to us processing your personal information in a foreign country with less stringent data protection laws than the Republic of South Africa, should it be required.

8. General

8.1. How to make a data subject request. You may request to access, update or remove your personal information collected through our website by contacting us at: [email protected].

8.2. Other enquiries. Please contact us by email to [email protected] if you have any questions about this privacy policy or how we handle your personal information.