Shareholder information

Shares of Naspers Ltd are listed on the stock exchange of Johannesburg

ISIN: ZAE000015889
Short: Naspers-N
Share code: NPN
Registration no. 1925/001431/06
Founded: 1915
Listed: 1994
Shares in issue

Please use this number when calculating the market capitalisation for Naspers.

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1. Prosus and Naspers initiated an open-ended share repurchase in June 2022, through which Prosus bought 4 152 285 Naspers N shares and Naspers repurchased 20 119 854 Naspers N shares. Naspers N shares held in treasury exclude shares held by share schemes for purposes of calculating the economic interest split at Prosus.
2. Naspers N shares held in treasury excluding shares held by share schemes.
3. Each Naspers A share is equivalent to 1/5 of the value of a Naspers N share.


Share buyback programmes

June 2022: Open-ended repurchase programme of Prosus and Naspers shares

On 27 June 2022, Naspers and Prosus announced the beginning of an open-ended, repurchase programme in respect of Prosus ordinary shares N and Naspers N ordinary shares, from their respective free-float shareholders. The repurchase programme is expected to efficiently unlock immediate value for Naspers and Prosus shareholders.

Prosus will continue to sell small numbers of ordinary shares in Tencent Holdings Limited held by the Group regularly and in an orderly manner, while concurrently purchasing Naspers shares and Prosus shares, as long as the Group’s trading discount to net asset value is at elevated levels.

The repurchase programme has been designed to manage the number of Naspers shares and Prosus shares that will be repurchased and Tencent shares that will be sold on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Group intends to repurchase Naspers shares and Prosus shares within regulatory limits, specifically the EU Market Abuse Regulation, and intends to do so in a balanced way over time.

Prosus intends to cancel the Prosus ordinary shares N repurchased by it under the programme in due course, so as to reduce its issued share capital.

Read the full press release about the repurchase programme here.

Details of the June 2022 share repurchase programme can be found in the Excel overview below:

Naspers Share Repurchase Programme Excel

Prosus Share Repurchase Programme Excel

Share Repurchase Programme Historicals (28 June 2022 – 2 December 2022)

October 2020: US$5 billion Prosus share repurchase and Naspers share purchase programme

The programme was announced on 30 October 2020. Read the full press release here. The programme closed on 22 June 2021. Read the closing press release here.

Details on the October 2020 share repurchase and purchase programme can be found in the Excel overview below: 

Share Buyback Excel

Stock charts

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Analyst coverage


Warwick Bam


Álvaro del Pozo Maroto


Andrew Ross


Catherine O’Neill


Jo Barnet-Lamb


Silvia Cuneo


Gianmarco Bonacina


Lisa Yang


Christopher Johnen


Marc Hesselink


David Smith


Sebastian Patulea


Jonathan Kennedy-Good


Cesar Tiron


Miriam Adisa


Ziyad Joosub


Naspers has a Level I American Depository Receipt (ADR) programme. The Bank of New York Mellon maintains a Global BuyDIRECT™ plan for us.

This ADR programme does not create new capital in the US, but provides us with an opportunity to develop and expand our US shareholder base.

Level I ADRs are traded in the USA on an over-the-counter (OTC) basis. International investors are able to buy and sell Naspers securities either through the Level I ADR OTC market, the LSE or the JSE Limited.

For additional information, visit Bank of New York Mellon’s website or call Shareholder Relations at 1-888-BNY-ADRS (1-800-345-1612), or write to:

Bank of New York Mellon
Shareholder Relations Department
Church Street Station
PO Box 11258
New York
NY 10286-1258

Naspers ADR

Investors resource page

The symbol for the Naspers ADR is NPSNY.

The Naspers ADR CUSIP number is 631512209. 

Shareholder information FAQs

How do I update personal details, confirm my shareholding, transfer my shares, request a tax certificate, report lost or stolen share certificates, report lost or stolen dividend cheques, or report the death of a registered holder?

Naspers has appointed Link Market Services as its transfer agent who will be able to assist you with any administrative queries you may have. Please contact them using one of the below mediums:

JSE Investor Services
13th Floor
19 Ameshoff Street
PO Box 4844
Johannesburg, 2001
South Africa

Contact centre: +27 11 029 0112
Switchboard: +27 11 713-0800

Shareholder Enquiries: [email protected]

How much tax do I pay on my dividend?

The dividend will be subject to a maximum local dividend tax rate of 20% which will result. The net dividend per share for the respective categories of shareholders for the different dividend tax rates is dependent on different dividend tax rates are a result of the application of tax rates in various double taxation agreements as well as exemptions from dividend tax. All shareholders are advised to consult their tax advisors regarding the tax considerations applicable to them.

I did not receive Multichoice shares even though I held Naspers shares at the time of the listing of Multichoice Group Limited?

Kindly contact Singular Systems, Multichoice Group Limited’s transfer secretary, using one of the below mediums: 

Singular Systems Proprieta
25 Scott Street
Waverley 2196
PO Box 785261
Sandton 2146
South Africa

Tel: +27 0860 116 226
Fax: +27 (0)11 321 5637

I received a request from Naspers asking me to trade on its online trading platform for a lucrative return on my investment, is this true?

The Naspers Group has been made aware of a scam targeting members of the South African public. Victims of the scam will receive an eBook, via social media channels such as WhatsApp and Telegram, which describes Naspers as “a registered online trading platform”. 

As part of the scam, fraudsters allege that targeted recipients will be assigned a trade broker who will trade on their behalf if they deposit cash into a third-party account. The returns promised are very enticing – for example, a 100% return on investment in an hour. Once money is transferred into the account, the funds disappear. 

Naspers urges the public to always use extreme caution when receiving calls, text messages or emails from an unknown source, particularly when they include requests to part with money. Phishing emails, texts and calls can be very convincing, with company logos and banners copied from websites. 

Importantly, Naspers is not a trading platform. The company has a primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (NPN.SJ) and a secondary listing on the A2X Exchange (NPN.AJ) in South Africa and has American Depositary Receipts (ADR) trading on an over-the-counter basis in the United States (NPSNY). Should you wish to invest in the stock market please visit or or to find out more.

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam:

Never respond to an unsolicited call, text message or email no matter how official it may seem.

Use extreme caution when clicking on links and attachments included in unsolicited emails, even if they appear to be from a company or person with whom you do business.

If you believe you have responded to a fraudulent email, contact your bank immediately so they can take steps to protect your account and your identity.

Can I vote at the AGM if my shares are held through a broker or CSDP?

If your shares are registered in the name of your nominee, the nominee will receive the proxy form detailed above. You must arrange to instruct the nominee how you wish your votes to be cast.

How do I vote as a registered shareholder at the AGM?

You can vote at the meeting in person. A poll is held on each of the resolutions put before the meeting. If you cannot go to the meeting yourself, you can appoint someone else to vote in your place as your 'proxy'. This could be someone you know or, if you do not know anyone attending the meeting, it is usual to appoint the chairman. To do this, you need to complete the proxy form that is sent to you with the annual report and send it back to the Company's registrar before the meeting.

How do I buy or sell my shares?

You should buy or sell your shares through a registered stockbroker to guide you and help you to identify investment options that suit your financial goals. To learn more please visit or or contact a broker who can assist you with trading on the Euronext Amsterdam.

A list of brokers can be found here.

When will I receive my next dividend?

The payment of a dividend is subject to approval at the annual general meeting and is at the discretion of the board. For an indicative timeline, please click here for our usual dividend timeline.

As a non-shareholder can I attend the AGM?

People who are not registered shareholders can attend the AGM as guests of the Company. You would need to inform us by completing the proxy form and send to [email protected].

How do I purchase an American depository receipt (ADR)?

Bank of New York Mellon maintains a Global BuyDIRECTSM plan for Naspers Limited. For additional information, visit Bank of New York Mellon’s website at or call Shareholder Relations at 1-888-BNY-ADRS (1-800-345-1612) or write to:

Bank of New York Mellon
Shareholder Relations Department
Church Street Station
PO Box 11258
New York
NY 10286-1258

Naspers ADR

Investors resource page

The symbol for the Naspers ADR is NPSNY.

The Naspers ADR CUSIP number is 631512209.

When is the next AGM?

Naspers will be holding its AGM online this year. Details will be published in due course.

Where will the AGM take place and what time?

Naspers will be holding its AGM virtually this year. Details regarding the virtual AGM will be published in the Notice of the virtual AGM.