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Using technology to catalyse positive change and find solutions for shared global challenges

Creating sustainable value

We create sustainable value by building consumer internet companies that address big societal needs – they improve people’s everyday lives and enrich the communities they serve. We back local entrepreneurs, providing the funds and support they need to help them grow and achieve their dreams. Our local focus combined with our global scale means the companies we operate and invest in are able to deliver far-reaching impact.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our focus on digital platforms helps to keep our environmental impact light, while enabling newer, smarter and greener ways to serve the world’s every day needs. 

Our approach     

We are a global group operating and investing in consumer internet companies in around 100 markets across the world. We own companies outright and we also invest in companies, with varying holdings from small minority stakes to majority stakes.

To maximise the positive impact we can have on the world, we apply good governance and a clear-sighted assessment of our group. A comprehensive materiality assessment informs the priorities we set.

Material areas

Business culture, ethics and integrity: Communicating our purpose, goals and values effectively and translating those in our activities, operations and engagement with our business partners.
Financial performance: Generating financial value and returns by building successful, profitable consumer internet businesses that serve people’s everyday needs.
Responsible investments: investing in entrepreneurs and companies that align well with our high standards for good governance and environmental and social impact.
Climate: Embedding consideration for the environment within operations and investment decisions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy use and mitigate the effects of long-term changes on the Earth’s climate and the world’s population.
People: Enabling fair employment and upholding high standards for the way we lead and manage our people.
Customer centricity: Putting the experience, safety, and satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our companies.
Artificial intelligence (AI): Innovation and deployment of ethical and responsible AI and machine learning.
Data privacy: developing and upholding the right policies and control frameworks to keep our businesses’, our customers’ and our people’s data safe.
Digital inclusion: Enabling equal access to critical digital networks and technology.
Cyber-resilience: Building resilient, sustainable platforms and governance that enable our business and detect and respond to threats.
Innovation: building innovative technology to create new ways of improving people’s everyday lives.
You can find more on our approach and performance in each area in our Integrated Annual Report.
Our companies and associates have varying influences on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues due to the broad spectrum of sectors and geographies in which we operate and invest. We hold board seats in many of the companies across the group and our board members represent our philosophy on those boards.
We engage on specific ESG topics, setting up communities where best practice is shared. We also make training accessible to both majority and minority interest businesses in the group.
At a Naspers level, we set high standards and expectations, prioritising our focus on topics that are material to our stakeholders.
We work closely with our controlled investees (generally companies in which we hold a majority stake) together to ensure they reflect our own principles on topics material to their business and operations.
Our non-controlled investees are accountable and responsible for their own ESG performance but we encourage them to adopt appropriate standards.



Our core segments

We pursue growth by building leading companies that empower people and enrich communities, across our core focus segments of Classifieds, Food Delivery, Payments and Fintech, and Edtech, plus other online businesses including Etail. And we are looking to capitalise on the next wave of growth through our Ventures arm.
From food delivery to classifieds, we invest in and build online platforms where small and medium businesses can reach their customers online, often for the first time.


Shaping the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything.
We believe in a world of smarter consumption, where products and materials are used and re-used more effectively. We develop circular business models and products that give goods multiple lives, extending the value of the world’s limited resources. 


Transforming the way people source, consume and experience food.
We are building a global leader in on-demand food and grocery delivery to transform the way people source, consume and experience food. Business-specific programmes within our food portfolio are aiming to reduce waste and pioneer sustainable delivery methods.

Payments and fintech

Payments and fintech

Building a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper.
Innovative finance platforms enable businesses and people to make and receive fast, secure payments and access financial products and services more easily. We’re building financial technology ecosystems that remove financial borders and enable digital and financial inclusion.


Opening up a world of learning for people wherever, whenever and however they want to learn.
Our global edtech platforms make education available to all, building the world’s skills for the future. Edtech transforms the way that people learn, step-changing the experience and success of learning, as well as the number of people able to access education.


Offering fast and easy access to products for customers in high-growth markets.
Etail offers a unique, safe and rapid shopping experience for consumers through online marketplaces where local businesses can sell and grow.


Reaching consumers in a changing world.
Our media business, Media24, is building a sustainable, digital future for quality journalism, providing news and reporting to South Africa.
Naspers Foundry

Naspers Foundry

Boosting South Africa’s growing tech ecosystem.
Naspers Foundry is a R1.4bn South Africa-focused early-stage investment vehicle that aims to boost the development of the country’s venture capital and tech ecosystem by investing in and supporting high-potential businesses that address societal needs.
Prosus Ventures

Prosus Ventures

Identifying and investing in the next generation of technology growth.
We partner with entrepreneurs to build leading technology companies. Our investments focus on the countries, markets and sectors where technology has the greatest scope to improve everyday life.

Sustainability governance


The board oversees and is ultimately responsible for sustainability in the group.  The risk committee and the sustainability committee assist the board in discharging this responsibility, including monitoring progress against the board approved sustainability plan. 

The CEO and the executive management team decide on the development and execution of the sustainability strategy. The global head of sustainability drives the identification of sustainability risk and opportunities and the implementation of the sustainability plan across the group. The global head of sustainability reports to the group general counsel, a member of the executive management team, who reports to the CEO. Sustainability champions across the businesses are responsible for the implementation of various sustainability initiatives in the businesses.